• Shared Hosting - Maximum Discount on Hostgator Baby Plans

    Get the maximum available discount on all Hostgator shared hosting plans.

    Hostgator offers 3 different options for shared hosting plans and the baby plan is most popular  because it allows you to host multiple sites on a dead-cheap budget.

    With the baby plan, you get unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and a shared ssl certificate.

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  • Hostgator - $9.94 OFF

    Get $9.94 OFF your first order at Hostgator. This coupon code works best with the hatchling plan offered by them. However, for bigger plans we would recommend you to go with 25% OFF coupons.

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  • Hostgator - 25% OFF all Hostgator Plans

    25SuperDiscount will get you a flat 25% discount on all hosting plans offered by Hostgator. Just copy and Paste the coupon code to apply.

    This discount code is applicable on all hosting plans offered by Hostgator and for all durations for which you choose to buy the hosting account.

    Our recommendation would be to go for at least 2-3 years worth of hosting if you plan on running and adding new sites long term. It will save you a considerable amount of money.

    Source: Hostgator Coupon Codes 2015

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  • Dedicated Hosting - 25% OFF on Dedicated Hosting Plans

    DediDiscounter – This hostgator coupon code for Dedicated hosting plans will get you a 25% discount on your first invoice.

    Hostgator’s dedicated servers are known for their performance and their robust nature. However, they can get pretty expensive if you’re planning to run a brand new website but makes a  good investment option if you already have a revenue generating website as a dedicated server can improve your website’s performance and thus your site’s user experience.

    The best alternative to Hostgator would be RapidSeedbox’s France based servers.

    However, if you’re planning to start a new site you can go for either a shared hosting plan or a VPS hosting plan.

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  • VPS Hosting - Upto $640 OFF on VPS Hosting Plans

    VPSDiscounter – This coupon code will save you 25% on your first order on any VPS hosting plans offered by Hostgator.

    Getting a VPS From hostgator is one of the best decisions you can make if your site is growing in terms of traffic and resource requirements. A VPS can be taken as a cheaper version of a dedicated server but providing much more resources at your disposal as compared to a shared hosting plan.

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  • Shared Hosting - Upto $150 OFF on Hostgator Baby Plan

    MaxBabyCoupon – This hostgator discount code will save you upto $150 on all baby plans offered by Hostgator.

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  • How-to - Hostgator Coupon Codes

    Hostgator launches a few new coupons every month that can get you unto 25% discount on any their hosting plans.

    The most widely used coupon codes are 25SuperDiscount and MaxDiscountcode and each will save you 25% discount on new orders and are valid for all hosting plans.

    Source: HostgatorVPSCoupon.biz.

    How to Apply the Coupon Codes?

    To apply the coupon code:

    1. Just visit Hostgator.com

    2. Select the preferred hosting plan and

    3. Copy-paste any of the coupon codes mentioned below.